Our Cafe


“My team and I can spend the whole day creating. I told them that we can only be the best that we can be if we analyze everything that we do. If your job is to peel onions or sweet potatoes then think about how you can peel them differently. And if everyone does that, if everyone takes responsibility for their own creativity, then we can grow.”

The Cafe idea starts from a global vision.We will attempt to create an extraordinary place where one detail is as important as all others. In the end, a great meal is not only about food and wine... It’s an emotional experience which comes from staff who care about the place as they do about their home, caring for you as their most important guest exploring a cuisine that starts from the tradition of the terroir from the roots and finding the strength in the simplicity. We offer a narration of ingredients and recipes of the country while respecting the tradition and the gastronomic heritage, therefore innovating with a new and exciting vision. Our dishes are created with a careful selection of ingredients; we are convinced that the best food is only that which is formed with an ecological vision of love and respect for the land.

  • We serve the best food in town.
  • Always fresh shrimps and lobsters.
  • Fast and nice service.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.

The Cafe Delight Interiors

Need fresh air dinner? Here we showcase a very creative use of bamboo for making the perfect dining experience. Not a conventional building material, but coupled with low hanging yellow bulbs, this simple alteration with layered bamboo ceiling definitely sets the ambiance right. The full-length glass panels (ceiling to floor) that offer magnificent views of seaside, cityscape or mountain view adds to make the meal here an unforgettable experience..

Fresh Food

We are a family run business with over 25 years' experience in the food service industry. We pride ourselves on serving the best.

Pleasant Environment

Beauty and a pleasant feel occur more on an energetic level. The way our environment is in balance is important because it influences our well-being.


We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation and progress in the energy business because we know that our commitment to it makes energy better for our customers.

Best Reviews

We are getting best reviews from our customers.Because we never compromise on Quality.