A Little About Me !

My name is Greg Willson.

I make my living as a full-time internet marketer in a variety of verticals as well as a few different processes.My base is my 40 or so websites that are all in the business, finance and employment arena; they provide a passive income for myself and my family as they rank for tens of thousands of keywords that drive a fair amount of targeted traffic to the sites which I monetize using all the usual and standard methods available. Those sites are all fairly large by most accounts as they are all over 1,000 pages of unique content that targets a specific broad-spectrum niche.

I believe in the concept of Common Sense SEO

I also own a couple of SEO services with some very intelligent and imaginative partners and we make a little money giving clients quality SEO via both manual and automated processes. I believe in the concept of Common Sense SEO as a long-term solution to ranking websites in Google and the other search engines and focus on white hat backlinking processes in general. Some of Common Sense SEO services I either own outright or am partners with are listed below.

Linkpushing, which started my venture into providing services was started in July of 2010 with my friend and partner, Kevin Boylan, and is still going strong. The concept behind Linkpushing was something that I came across when ranking my personal sites and was very primitive in its early days but has now grown to a relatively sophisticated process that is automated 100% and does a really nice job for many different site owners and SEO professionals the world over..

LinkLure is also a partnership with my friend, Kevin, and incorporates some of what we have learned over the years with Linkpushing but also has some manual elements to it for a little different feel. It is also a closed end service in that we limit the number of people in the system to keep things fresh and to keep from saturating the marketplace.

SerpBuddy is a keyword tracking service that I also own with Kevin and as well as a good friend, Darko Ristevski. Darko handles the technical end of things there as there is some maintenance involved on the back end. For the user/client, it is a piece of cake. Enter your root URL and keywords and SerpBuddy does the rest. It even tells you what inner page on your site is actually ranking for which keywords.

Ylocal is a service I provide to people that are only looking to rank their sites on a local level. This service does very well for those that have a business that targets the local or regional area. The process to rank a site locally is significantly different than one that is ranking one Nationally or even Globally and we employ those methods to help site owners with a local vision.

Mass Media PR is an unusual service I started in a different kind of way. A professional athlete with whom I have a relationship asked me for a favor and was so excited at the results asked me to take them on as a client. It is a little like Online Reputation Management but with more of a Public Relations twist to it. It also ties in nicely with the other services I offer as the research is similar in nature and some of the processes overlap. The targets are typically different though and I enjoy the variety the service offers.

I do offer some personal consultation services for those looking for a second set of eyes on a website, online promotional product, monetization method or idea in the internet marketing industry. I also do hands-on SEO on a limited basis; limited in that I only accept a certain amount of clients and the site has to pass certain criteria. You can expect professionalism and be able to take advantage of my seasoning in the industry as well as the well-rounded base that I bring to the table.

* Glad that is done as it is a tad uncomfortable blowing your own horn!